An Association of Signatories to the ITU's World e-Trust Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) & The Authenticity Alliance Memorandum of Support (MoS)

The World Needs a City Hall.

We trust our physical infrastructures because we have learned the proper application of duly constituted public authority. We have applied what we've learned about authoritative certification over the last few thousand years to solve the problems with our information infrastructure.

Trust Originates with Reliable Certification

What would the world be like without birth certificates, professional licenses, building codes, occupancy permits, and all the other certifications provided by city hall?

Beyond our closest circles of acquaintances there would be no reliable basis for authenticity. With roadways but no reliable buildings, the inhabited world would be a squatters' settlement of tarpaper shacks situated by busy roadways. It would be a place without the bounded, protected, reliable spaces that we call "indoors".

Isn't that our online world? We meet, keep our files, do business, educate our children and let them play on the Information Highway.

What is a highway but an outdoor public transport facility? We don't need to know the identities of the inhabitants of the vehicles around us on the highway, but we certainly need to know the identities of those who mingle with our children, join us in meeting rooms, and open our file cabinets. And we need to know that the buildings where those things take place are safe.

The Individual Membership Section of The Authenticity Alliance is committed to bringing the benefits of reliable certification to the online world.

For centuries, all reliable certification has been based upon duly constituted public authority. For centuries, certification of practitioners of professions has begun with the identity of those individual professionals.

In today's online world, where anyone can purport to be anyone, certification by duly constituted public authority, where all certifications cite individual identity, is more important than ever.

We feel that individuals should have an opportunity to support the goals of this important initiative. Please look closely and consider signing our Memorandum of Support (MoS). The MoS will be presented to the leadership of the ITU. Read on